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The website is tailored towards a global audience. We customize it according to the needs of your publicity goals and what would grab the attention of your targeted readers. This can serve as your permanent marketing tool for your work. The blog feature will update your readers about the book and any potential future plans for the book or prospective new literary projects that you believe would interest your readers. You are also able to manage your nook sales via the e-commerce portal where your readers and potential readers can order your book(s) directly from you. Because of the way the internet is designed, the initial package includes website upkeep for 1 year. This means you will have ownership of the web domain name and content of your site for a year. We provide an option to extend that further beyond at a reasonable fee billed annually.

Includes 1-year domain name ownership and hosting. Extensions beyond the 1-year contract are and additional fee annually.


No one can deny the power of social media today. What better way to create buzz and even virally promote your work than through social media? We will create a profile, page or account in several of the most prominent social media networks on the internet. This will allow you to collect followers and subscribers that will constantly receive updates on your work. You can also use this as a marketing tool by providing incentives to followers in exchange for sharing your work to others. We will create a marketing strategy for you tailored to the perceived demand of your niche market, placing your book into more and more hands than ever, all through the power of social media.

Includes 4-month maintenance and basic ad campaigns. Maintenance extensions are a small fee per month.


The Press Release is a communication intended for the press as an announcement for the public. It can come in the form of a newspaper spot, television ad, internet news story, radio station announcement or other press media. We have partnered with several tried and tested online media outlets to be able to give you the service of announcing your work to the public. This is an effective way to get the word out and reach thousands of interested potential readers.

Includes submissions to more than 4,000 news websites and online news syndication networks. Your Press Release will be visible on Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and Google News.


We submit an actual copy of your work to various book fairs where they will be exposed to thousands of eager readers looking for content like yours. There are many book fairs taking place at varying dates within the year, and are held in several venues within the United States, Central America, Europe and Asia.


A 30-60 second video promotional trailer is created for your book. It will be specifically designed to garner interest and will be posted to YouTube and embedded in your Marketing website, online ads, Social Media Accounts, email campaigns and Online Press Releases (if allowed).


Thoroughly researched Marketing involves knowing your niche, and tailoring all the above services to your targeted audience. It's one thing to just throw out your work to the masses, it's another thing entirely to pitch it to laser-targeted markets that are the readers interested in your work. Targeted marketing will bring you the right followers and subscribers to your blog, social media pages and reading the Press Releases which feature your work. This strategy will make you meet your marketing goals quicker and faster in an overall more efficient publicity campaign. You don't just want your marketing efforts going to any audience, you want it going to the RIGHT audience!

This is an add-on for any one or combination of the above services.


The Book-to-Screen service is designed to get your book on screen! We will help bring your literary work to life on television. Whether you are looking to transform your book into the next Blockbuster film or a television series, we can make that Hollywood dream come true. Our staff of talented screenwriters have trained and studied under the likes of Angus Fletcher, PhD. of Ohio State University, Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Shonda Rhimes, writer of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Our professionals will draft a book-to-film/TV treatment and screenplay of your work and then pitch it to multiple production companies and agencies; also we will enter your screenplay in various screenwriting competitions worldwide or in your niche market.

The process is pretty straight-forward. You will be assigned a screenwriter who will draft your screenplay. In the film industry writing is significantly different from standard literary work as the script is meant to be performed instead of read. Your assigned screenwriter will contact you and consult with you about the book-to-screen project in order to understand your vision. Your screenwriting collaborator will work with you to draft a screenplay ready for pitching to producing companies eager for new concepts and ideas. In our book-to-screen signed agreements our screenwriters waive their rights to the screenplay and you retain full ownership. Production companies will contact you directly if your screenplay "makes the cut"!

This includes submission of script to multiple production companies and entrance into screenplay competitions worldwide or your niche market for maximum exposure and effect.


The book tour service will take your book to new publicity heights by being featured at not one, not two, but four book fairs; two within the national United States, and two internationally. If you are aiming for a global readership, this is the way to do it. Works that get featured in fairs often get their authors' calls from literary agents and critics, snowballing you and your work into a growing sphere of recognition.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you achieve the lofty plans you have for your book.
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Connect with one of our friendly marketing agents

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